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At my age I wasn't sure that I wanted to wear braces and go through the long process of fixing my teeth. But I can say that I am so glad that I did. Everyone at Dr. Freeland's office was very professional and understanding. It was a very tough process for me but worth doing and now I am enjoying the results.

Doug J

We have been extremely pleased with Dr. Ted Freeland’s professional orthodontic services for our daughter, Morgan.  Morgan had been under the care of another orthodontist.  However, the concentration of that plan was focused on only straightening the teeth, and had not recognized a more severe problem.  Our dentist recommended we take Morgan to Dr. Freeland for a second opinion. 

With his advanced knowledge, expertise and diagnostic tools, Dr. Freeland was able to diagnose a major issue with the formation of Morgan’s jaw.  It was clear that even though her teeth may be straightened by the plan we were under at the time – it would only be a temporary fix and they would quickly return to their previous state, which was very crooked.  It was similar to putting a Band-Aid on a hemorrhaging wound.  By following Dr. Freeland’s plan and concentrating on the jaw deformity first, the orthodontic results will be permanent. 

It has probably been a much longer and more difficult process for Morgan to go through to achieve a pretty smile than most people.  She will eventually need surgery on her jaw when she is fully grown to permanently fix the issue.  But being able to have straight, beautiful teeth right now has changed how she feels about herself and has been such a boost to her self-confidence.  We are so grateful she was referred to Dr. Freeland! 

Jodie & Tim S.

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